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World Cup Origin

On May 21, 1904, the first president of FIFA, Robert Guérin of France, first proposed this idea to the leaders of national football, but due to the small number of countries willing to participate, and the political and sports discord at the time, the plan was aborted.

After the end of the First World War, Jules Remet was elected president of FIFA and resumed this stranded plan. He did a lot of persuasion to the leaders of the national football community.

On December 10, 1926, FIFA held a working conference in Paris, in which many countries were represented. Four months later, the draft of the meeting was submitted to the national football federations. On 5 June 1927, at the Helsinki Conference convened by FIFA, the Paris Work Conference was adopted by 23 votes in favour, 5 against (the Nordic countries expressed their opposition) and 1 abstention (Germany).

The founder of the World Cup is Jules Remet, known as the "father of the World Cup". In 1926, the FIFA Luxembourg Conference decided to change the name of the tournament to "Remet Cup" in recognition of Remet's great contribution to football.

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